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March 1, 2020


Author: admin

Educating users and specialists of Power BI solutions on location or at Unija Smart headquarters. We cover all topics of Excel, Office 365 and Power BI. Weekly we share tips and tricks for Power BI users in our Knowledge Base. We offer the following courses.



  • Editing data and cells (copy, paste, paste special, cell names, formatting cells)
  • Creating and editing tables (table name, table formatting)
  • Print area (header, footer, page numbering)
  • Formulas (sum, substracting and other operations with cells)
  • Functions (date, text, lookup, time, logical, nesting functions)
  • Charts (creating and editing, changing chart type)
  • Advanced lists (sorting and filtering data)
  • Analysis tools (Scenario Manager, Goal Seek , Solver)
  • Pivot tables (creating and editing pivot tables, filters, slicers)
  • Security and control (data validation, sheet protection, workbook protection, setting a password)
  • External data sources (files, databases, online services)
  • Power Query (connecting to various data sources, editing data, automating data processing)
  • Macros (recording and use)




  • Basics of Power BI Desktop application and Power BI Service (overview of work flow)
  • Applications settings (important settings of Power BI Desktop)
  • Data sources and importing data (files, databases, online services)
  • Power Query and data processing (editing rows and columns, editing steps in data manipulation)
  • Power Query and M language (advanced editing, M functions)
  • Correct use of calendar table (best way to create calendar table)
  • Data model (star schema, table connections, hiding connected fields)
  • DAX functions in Power BI (overview of important DAX functions for writing explicit measures)
  • Explicit and implicit measures (good practices of writing measures)
  • Creating reports (visualizations, IBCS standard)
  • Visualizations (charts, tables, Zebra BI, custom visualizations)
  • Q&A visualization (displaying data by asking questions)
  • Power BI Service and refreshing (publishing report to Power BI Service, Workspaces, refreshing)
  • Dashboards (creating custom Dashboards, alarms)
  • Data security (Row-Level Security, setting row level security)
  • R custom visualizations (using R language in Power BI)




  • Introduction and basic settings (overview of programs, functionalities and subscriptions)
  • OneDrive (saving and sharing files)
  • Cloud (security and data back-up)
  • Web apps (creating and editing files online)
  • Outlook
  • Teams
  • Skype for Business
  • SharePoint Site