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In information era we’re generating more data than ever. Traditional ways of data analysis and reporting are becoming increasingly time demanding. Power BI brings not only automated data manipulation, but real-time and interactive dashboards with all the relevant KPIs. Business analysts no longer need to spend their time cleaning and shaping data. They can now focus on tracking trends and providing valuable insights.

Building an intelligent reporting system starts with few key questions.

What to Track?

The first question always starts the same: what data do we wish to track? There are a lot of key performance indicators or KPIs. Most common elements of reports are:

  • Business analysis: income, expenses, revenue, open items
  • Business analysis by products, months, locations, projects
  • Sales by products, locations, employees
  • Stock by location
  • Warranties
  • Business market value
  • Employee and customer sentiment analysis

Example of a Power BI report: Business Analysis by Year, KPI and Monthly/YTD slicer

Organizations often have a set report they want to turn into a live dashboard. We can nevertheless start with a blank page and design a report completely customized to your organization’s need.

Where Is the Data Stored?

Important part of Power BI is the source of data. Data is usually stored in databases or files. Power BI can connect to more than 50 sources of data. If you use Unija’s accounting services you don’t need to coordinate with your IT or external parties, we will manage access rights internally.

If you are not a customer of Unija, your business data is located elsewhere. In this case we’ll connect to your IT department or external database administrator.

Building Phases

Free presentation of Power BI reporting system.  We look at how the system works and what are the requirements, advantages and savings. We explore ideas and design a report proposal for your organization.

Building a report goes through iterations. If needed, we reshape the report elements multiple times, to tailor all the details to your needs. Iterations are not charged extra, they are included in the price.

We coach end users how to use the report. Coaching is included in the price. We  also provide a number of free lectures and events and share our knowledge as weekly tips in our Knowledge Base.

Contact us and learn how smart reporting can benefit your organization!